Garden view of our Tuscany cooking school
Treelined view of our Tuscany cooking school
Statue of David, Tuscany
Seafood dish from our cooking classes in Italy   Leaning tower of Pisa, Tuscany   Garden walk in our Tuscany cooking school
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Our cooking classes in Italy provide the perfect opportunity to experience Tuscany

In Northern Italy you will find the glorious region of Tuscany, filled with ancient cities rich in art and architecture, all nestled amongst vineyards and olive groves, cypress and lemon trees.

Vorno is a charming traditional village, comprised of rustic old stone farmhouses and majestic villas set in the lush countryside at the foot of Monte Pisano in Northern Tuscany. The wonderful walled city of Lucca lies just six kilometers north, midway between Florence and Pisa.

Tuscany’s best kept secret, Lucca, was founded in 180 B.C. and is still surrounded by the old city walls which were built to keep out invaders from nearby villages. Don’t miss the incredible Piazza dell’anfiteatro, Piazza Napoleone, Torre Guinigi or the amazing shopping.

Florence and Pisa are just “at your doorstep”. Florence is famous for its wealth of art, including perhaps the most famous of all statues, Michelangelo’s “David” and Pisa for its Leaning tower. Sienna, San Gimignano, and Voltera are all within easy distance. Whether you prefer to visit Cathedrals and Museums, wineries and pasta factories or simply have a picnic in the olive groves Tuscany offers so much to do that one visit is never enough.

Tuscany is deservedly famous for its sites, culture and centuries of art and history. But this area above all in Italy is famous for its food. The simplicity of “casalingua” cooking is the basis for all Tuscan cuisine. “To cook like your mother is good, but to cook like your grandmother is better,” is an old Tuscan proverb. And, of course, in Tuscany the food is accompanied by wonderful olive oil and some of the world’s best wines. From Chianti Classico to the stunning Super Tuscans this area produces a range of wine second to none.

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Italian cooking classes in glorious Tuscany, Northern Italy

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