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moroccan recipes
morocco recipe
moroccan recipes   morocco recipe   morocco recipes
morocco recipe     morocco recipes

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Rich in both history and flavor, Morocco cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world. The sophisticated Moroccan palate arose as the country played host to travelers and rulers from such disparate lands as China, India, Spain and Persia and then, finally, from serving for 40 years as a French protectorate. In particular, the French influence remains. French is the second language of Morocco, and an air of French sophistication infuses the Saharan oasis with a European flavor. The Rhode School of Cuisine in Marrakech captures this richness in its Moroccan cooking holidays.

It is in this oasis and in our customized kitchen that you will join other cooking enthusiasts for a unique culinary vacation. Our local staff will pamper you and escort you to the market, lead you on a trek in the nearby Atlas or take you camel riding. During the hands-on cooking lessons our expert chefs will introduce you to the exotic combination of ingredients and techniques that exemplify traditional Moroccan cuisine. You will learn first-hand how the fascinating history of this country has influenced its cuisine, and we will also introduce you to some of our own fusion recipes.

Traditional Moroccan Recipes
Even the most jaded palates will respond to the delicious and astonishing blend of flavors that you will learn to create in your own kitchen with some great Moroccan recipes. The Tajine serves as the framework for a college of ingredients, spices and styles. Imagine making Tajine de viande, Tajine des poissons, poulet aux olives et citron couscous, M’Choui (lamb), B’Stilla (the legendary centerpiece of every banquet), Harira (traditional lentil soup), salade Marocaine, cornes de gazelle (sugar-coated pastries with a delicate almond paste filling) and M’Henca (almond filled pastry), or briaouts au miel covered in honey. Simple and easy to prepare organic salads and vegetables take on an immediate exotic flavor within the context of Moroccan recipes.

Your Wine
The Rhode School of Cuisine diligently pairs the meals you create with appropriate libations, including some Spanish varieties and the excellent Moroccan wines. Our greatest discovery of local wine is CB Initials, which uses traditional French techniques of wine production. The delicious and delicately rose-colored Boulaouane de Gris is the perfect accompaniment for many of the dishes.

If you want to learn more about Morocco cuisine at our Moroccan cooking school, select your weeks then click here for your booking details.

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