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Our Moroccan Gourmet Weeks are intended for those who wish to stay at a luxury villa and enjoy full service, great Morocco food, select wines and scheduled excursions with an emphasis on relaxation. For the ultimate in Moroccan cooking holidays, join us during our Culinary Weeks, when Culinary Guests also participate in eight to nine hands-on cooking lessons during the week. Gourmet Guests are also welcome in Culinary Weeks.

Your week will include cultural exploration of Marrakech plus the beautiful landscapes of the Altas Mountains. Current activities include:

  • A guided shopping tour of the souk in the Medina - ceramics, pottery, rugs, metalwork, fabrics, etc. And someone there to translate and negotiate for you! You'll also enjoy the vast Djemnaa El Fna Square with the snake charmers, magicians, acrobats and rows and rows of mouthwatering food stalls.
  • A day trek in the Atlas mountains- worth the trip alone to see the beautiful historic villages of the Berber people where their lifestyles and farming techniques have remained practically untouched since the middle ages. The trek is rated 'easy' and will take about 3 to 4 hours with a lovely lunch at a French Auberge. For those who do not wish to walk, an alternative excursion can be arranged.
  • Camel-riding in the Palmeraie.
  • A tour of the major Historical attractions of Marrakesh including the famous Koutoubia Minaret, the Bahia Palace, the Saadians tombs and the Dar Si Said Museum.
  • Relaxation time at the villa to enjoy the Hammam (Turkish steam bath), tennis court, hot tub and swimming pool.
  • Mint Teatime with Moroccan pastries and local musicians strumming on African guitar along with percussion and flute. The venue for tea time will be varied: Poolside with views towards the Jebl Ette mountains, on La Terrasses des Berbères with views of the Atlas or in the lovely interior courtyard.
  • Eight or nine hands-on cooking lessons during the week to learn how to produce traditional Morocco food dishes. Some of the recipes will be the many healthy Moroccan salads all made with organic produce, Lamb Tagine with prunes, Chachouka (pepper salad with paprika and cumin), Chick pea soup with parsley, Pilpil Shrimp with pimentos and garlic, Couscous aux sept legumes (seven vegetable), Kebabs, lemon chicken, a variety of briaouts (triangle pastries) and more.

If you want to book your Morocco holidays at our Moroccan cooking school now, select your weeks then click here for your booking details.

* Please note that while the price of your luxury cooking vacation includes all food and wine consumed on the premises, it does not include entrance fees to various museums and sites and the cost of lunches or visits to selected restaurants.

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