Pasta dish, from our Italy cooking vacations
Guests in Italy enjoying their cooking vacations
Finished dish from one of our cooking classes
Action from one of our cooking classes
Guests and staff from one of our cooking classes
End of course banquet in Italy from one of our cooking vacations


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Rhode School of Cuisine: cooking classes for gourmet cooking vacations in Italy and Morocco
Cooking classes for gourmet cooking vacations in Italy

Established in 1996, Rhode School of Cuisine offers cooking classes for gourmet cooking vacations in Italy. Our stunning villa in Tuscany provides luxurious and relaxing surroundings for your time with us.

We welcome non-cooking guests (Gourmet Guests) as well as aficionados of our cooking classes (Culinary Guests). Culinary Guests receive the same benefits as our Gourmet Guests, plus eight to nine hands-on cooking lessons.

Our expert chefs conduct the cooking classes in state of the art kitchens. The chefs present exciting and creative ways of involving each guest in the preparation of the meal. Whether you are a novice or skilled cook, you will leave our cooking classes with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to create your own culinary feasts at home.

We serve you an array of wines with your meals. In Tuscany, you will taste some of the revolutionary Super Tuscans as well as fine Chianti Classico Riserva.

Our friendly team all speak English and will make you feel welcome and comfortable. The team also act as daily guides with local knowledge of the region and surrounding areas. We use cuisine as a way to introduce you to the rich cultures of the country you are visiting.

Click here to check out an example schedule from one of our weeks.

For now, why not be your own guide and visit our school pages to see for yourself the great villas and happy guests. Perhaps click here to read what previous guests have said and also check out some of the press cuttings on our cooking vacations.

If you want more information, please contact us.

If you have selected your school and week for your cooking classes or just to experience luxury and relaxation as a Gourmet Guest, click on the region you have chosen to see booking details for our Tuscany cooking school to reserve your place.

We look forward to seeing you there.

 Mike Rhode, President of Rhode School of Cuisine

Mike & Terri Rhode 
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