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What our guests say about our cooking classes in Tuscany

Perhaps you are interested in trying out cooking classes abroad for the first time, or in having a relaxing time as a non-cooking gourmet guest in our  luxury Tuscany villa. Will you enjoy it? What have other people said about us?

We present here a small sample of testimonials from guests to cooking classes in our Tuscany cooking school. We think you can almost hear the enjoyment bubble out from the words.

Cooking Classes in Tuscany

The only thing I can think of that could be better than visiting Tuscany is living in a lavish Tuscan villa while visiting there. The only way I can imagine topping that one is to eat great Tuscan cooking during the entire visit. To complete my dream, throw in informative, fun cooking lessons and wonderful people while drinking great wine. Oh yes, and Andrea Bocelli singing in the background. There you have our dream come true at the Rhode Cooking School of Cuisine. We have vacationed the world over for 25 years and this is our number 1 pick.

Nancy and Marty Mazzanti, Danville, California

One thing is certain, the dishes I learned to cook with the brilliant chef are sure to please my own guests. He gave us his incredible gift of taking wonderful, fresh ingredients and turning them into rich presentations of succulent, mouth-watering cuisine. I’ve taken home with me a wealth of tips that will definitely become a staple in my own cooking process. Not to mention, memories of the lush surroundings in Vorno, runs through the hills, excursions to the market in Pistoia to learn the finer points of buying vegetables and cheese, and the wonderfully warm hosting by Eilidh and the villa staff. Incredible!!!

Bonnie Powers, San Francisco, CA

We were so inspired by our stay at the villa that as soon as we returned home, we undertook to remodel our kitchen in the Mediterranean style. We shall never forget the beauty of the villa, our chef's willingness to share his many years of experience as Master chef, the thoughtfulness of the staff, the tours of the Italian countryside, and the lasting friendships we made. It made for a most memorable experience. We still get ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ when we turn out a platter of homemade lasagna with fresh tomato sauce!

Jane and Barry Schwartz, Merrick, NY


You too can have a great time at one of our cooking classes in our Tuscany cooking school. Click below on the school link to see booking details:

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